The Future Of​.​.​.

by Mindforce

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New 5 song 7" coming out on Trip Machine Labs in spring of 2017

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Will Hirst at Gate 4 studios


released April 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Mindforce Poughkeepsie, New York


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Track Name: The Future Of...
It's the future of a world foretold
Another past realized
We learned to unlock our minds
but just abused it
It's the future of the world foretold
You got a mind...use it
Track Name: They Just Want War
They don't want to see our children have more
They just want war
We don't want to leave our rights at the door
to have their war
Because they'll kill to make them feel and shame the question
They don't want peace
They just want war
Humanity is in need
A remedy for a plea
They just want war
Track Name: Storm About To Burst
How can a man built from proud legacy pretend reality is only he?
You want a dream where we don't disagree
Because we do now you won't talk to me?
You wore your wrath like a pig in a pit
A tantrum sung by a coward
I gave a hand and you spit in my palm
I feel it brewing for you
Like a storm about to burst (on you)
Like a spell about to curse
Like a sword about to knight
Like a dog about to bite
You throw a gig we bust it
We hear your name we cuss it
We don't want you around
Track Name: Golden Age
This is the tale of a band of brothers coming of age
This is a golden age
This is a glacial stage
This is the story how
we cut life's throat and drank from its veins
On the edge of catastrophe
we are the students of history
I fell only to be restored from a well
Track Name: Run And Tell Them
You run and tell them that you've been in the spy game long
I know your cold war won't warm
It's just a silent song
It's notes won't manifest to sound
No tone to ear
Go run and tell them your song
Tell them
And you can tell them all my broken and backwards words
And you can dig a hole right through the earth